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Congratulations Pascale Décarie on receiving your research bursary! 

Pascale is currently doing her masters in biomedical engineering with an emphasis on biomechanics.


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Charlen Berry, 

joins the group "Companions of osteopathy of the CEO"

Congradulations Raymonde Fortin, physiotherapist and atheltic therapist.

Winner of the OPPQ's Carol-L. Richards award in recognition of her exceptionnal career.

Two clinics, one team of professionnals commited to  make their patients' health a priority!

Integrative approach

Our identity: health through movement, teamwork and the pursuit of excellence.

The human movement, through physical activity, sport and our daily lives, has been our passion and brought our team together more than 20 years ago. With our innovative vision of rehabilitation, interested to the person as a whole, we search to integrate the best elements of conventional and complementary practices and strive to become your partner in health and performance.

Services offered

We intervene in prevention, emergency care and rehabilitation of sports and traumatic injuries, as well as on physical conditions affecting mobility or performance.

To enable us to intervene at all these levels, we offer a multitude of services at our clinics and use external resources to enable you to access the best professionals in the field of rehabilitation and sports medicine.

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Women’s care

Stress management

Energizing medecine

Therapeutic technologies and tools

50′ and over