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Olympic Park 514 259-4553

Saint-Lambert 450 500-4554


The STADIUM PhysiOsteo clinics in Montreal and Saint-Lambert remain open during the state of health emergency for physiotherapy services,
which is considered an essential service.
Osteopathy and massage therapy, acupuncture and other services are suspended and will resume after the end of the state of health emergency.

We operate on limited hours and see emergencies and patients who require essential care by appointment only.
The physiotherapist will assess the level of emergency by phone.


  • Recent trauma with disability
  • Vestibular, dizziness crisis
  • Pain or significant loss of function
  • Significant loss of strength
  • Disabling sciatica or disc hernias
  • Postoperative rehabilitation

TELEreadaptation / VIDEOconsultation:
Assessment, follow-up, conversation, questions…
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Vincent Adams, physiotherapist

Sarah Gagnon-Martin, physiotherapist
Elizabeth Sylvestre, physiotherapist


9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday at Olympic Park Clinic at Saint-Lambert Clinic
Services can also be offered outside of these hours.

Things change every day, you can check out our Facebook page for more details.

Olympic Park : 514-259-4553
Saint-Lambert : 450-500-4554

Accompanying guests are not allowed inside the building, plan a waiting area if you are accompanied for your appointment.

If you experience cold, flu or gastrointestinal symptoms, are returning from a trip
or have been in contact with an infected person, we ask you not to attend the clinic.

The same rules apply to our staff.