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Massage therapy

Several types of massage are offered and several training schools teach different techniques, with different philosophies and health designs.

We offer a combination of therapeutic massages and sports massages, which include the following techniques:

  • Swedish massage

  • Californian massage

  • Deep tissue massage

  • Deep transverse massage (Cyriax)

  • Deactivation of trigger points and different techniques to free scars and adhesions.

Essential oils, vacuum cups and heat are also used to offer comfort and more tissue release.

Sports massage

Sports massage is a specialty of massage therapy taught by some recognized schools and for which specific qualifications and examinations are required. The particularity of this approach includes, among others, massage techniques:

  • Pre event

  • Post event

  • For recovery

  • Deep tissue

  • Release of adhesions following injuries

  • Tissue softening in the presence of chronic pre-event injuries

  • Stretching using different methods

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage is performed by massage therapists with a knowledge of medical conditions and is done in collaboration with another health care professional (physiotherapists, osteopaths, athletic therapists or acupuncturists). The massage therapist's intervention is part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

Other benefits of massage therapy

Massage can also have an effect on several systems (digestive, respiratory, musculoskeletal).

Here are some of its benefits:

  • Activates the blood and lymphatic circulation

  • Eliminates tensions

  • Improves joint mobility and muscle flexibility

  • Relieves pain and muscular fatigue

  • Allows general relaxation and can improve sleep

  • Can reduce headaches when they are related to muscle tension

  • Allows faster healing by promoting cell exchanges and decreasing edema

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