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Hugo Viens-Lebel, acupuncturist

Hugo Viens-Lebel, acupuncturist


  • DEC in Acupuncture, Collège de Rosemont, 2021

  • DEC in Natural Sciences, Collège de Rosemont, 2017

    • Specific training:

      Therapeutic Suction Cups, Axis Institute, 2020

      TuiNa Massage, Rosemont College, 2019

Hugo in a nutshell…

Hugo, has been very active in contact sports (hockey, football, boxing) and has had to consult in a sustained way several health care professionals.
It was during this process that the desire to help others as a professional really manifested itself. Hugo therefore decided to turn to health care and to become a professional in the field.

Being the son of acupuncturist parents, he was quickly inspired by the notions of Traditional Chinese Medicine and experienced the real benefits of this art. Hugo is now an advocate for health and well-being through this alternative medicine.

Hugo plans to improve his knowledge in the field of sports acupuncture. He wants to develop his skills through close collaboration and integrative teamwork, as well as with an athletic or active clientele of all ages.

« I am committed to optimizing the quality of life of my clients. It is with you and through the sharing of my knowledge that I wish to contribute to the improvement of your condition and your health. »

Sports practiced / Leisure

Hugo has been a sportsman since a young age. He started playing soccer, then playing hockey and football. Hugo later practiced boxing, swimming, running and climbing. For the past 3 years, he has been focusing on functional training.