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Eduardo Cisneros - Massage Therapist


  • Massage Therapy in 2019 from the Academy of Scientific Massage
  • Kinesitherapy in 2020 from the Academy of Scientific Massage

Eduardo in a nutshell…

Eduardo has been practicing massage therapy for over 4 years. He is particularly fond of deep tissue massage, but also does Swedish massage, relaxation, therapeutic, vacuo-therapy (cupping) and fascia therapy massages.
His clientele is varied, children over 6 years old, teenagers, adults and seniors, both men and women, as well as athletes.
He particularly likes to do backs, shoulders and neck massages, but does full-body massages also. Passionate about karate, Eduardo is also 2nd DAN in karate kyokushin discipline where he teaches and competes.

Plan for the coming years

Eduardo joins our team in order to learn and perfect his skills and knowledge, he likes to work in a team and wants to perfect his deep tissue massage techniques.

"Since I started martial arts, I knew I wanted to work in sports and health. I like to help people who are in pain."


I am a diehard fan of martial arts but even more so of Kyokushin Karate. I have been practicing high intensity and competitive Karate for 16 years. I also train in weight training.