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François Lalonde, PhD, DO (Qc), Kin
Kinesiologist and osteopath

François Lalonde, PhD, DO (Qc), Kinesiologist and osteopath


  • B. Sc. (Bachelor in Kinesiology), 2006

  • D.O. (Diploma in Osteopathy in Quebec), 2010
    Institute of Osteopathy Education of Quebec / College of Osteopathic Studies.

  • Microprogram of 2nd cycle in kinesiology, University of Montreal, 2011

  • 3rd degree in university teaching, University of Sherbrooke / Longueuil Campus,2012

  • M.Sc. / Ph.D. (Ph.D. in Physical Activity Sciences) Accelerated Passage, University of Montreal, 2015

  • Postdoctoral fellowship: Exercise Physiology and Cardiology (UQAM and CRCHUM), 2015 - 2017

  • Exercise Physiologist certified since 2006 by the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSPE).

  • Coach of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) in triathlon, cycling and weightlifting since 2008.

  • Triathlon coach certified by Ironman University since 2016.

  • Level 1 evaluator of ''Functional movement screening'’ (FMS) since 2019.

  • Certified functional strength coach level 1 by Mike Boyle Strenght and Conditioning since 2020.

  • Canadian Armed Forces Training: FORCE Test Instructor; fitness instructor, exercise specialist, health promotion specialist. (2008-2017).

  • Formation Mind over Medicine by Dr Lisa Rankin, MD in 2020.

François in a nutshell…

François Lalonde is a professional who has developed an innovative approach tined with his professional experience and his academic background.

François recently participated in the physical training of Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques during his mission to the International Space Station (expedition 58/59). This unique experience allowed him to work as part of an international multidisciplinary team focused on the success of David's mission. François and his team have also been awarded NASA honors for the excellence of their work. The effects of microgravity on the health of astronauts are harmful. It is generally said that only 1 month spent in microgravity makes the body age by about ten years if nothing is done to counter its effects. This can be comparable on Earth to aging and sedentary lifestyle. Physical exercise has so far been the tool of choice to counter these effects. Thanks to this experience, François realizes even more the benefits of an active life and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.

François has developed an expertise for the follow-up of amateur endurance sports athletes over the years. He was founder, president and head coach of the TRIFORT triathlon club for 5 years. This experience made him realize that adults who practice amateur sport do not have the same needs as high-performance athletes even if some like to perform. Caring for an amateur athlete is not simply copy and paste what is done with professional athletes and these precisely this difference that interests François.

François is a professional with integrity, rigorous and attentive to his clientele. He bases his approach on science and is recognized for his manual osteopathic approach issue from the American style. François has also authored several scientific publications. His scientific training obviously tints his approach with his clients.

François wants to build his clientele and go beyond the symptoms by focusing on healthy lifestyles and prevention. For the moment, François is developing a part-time clientele since he is still involved in teaching and research.

«François wants to become a partner in your health by advocating a holistic approach according to your lifestyle habits. Health is like a pile of stones (or cairn) of Inuit origin that we often see when hiking: an inukshuk. Each stone represents an aspect of health such as physical health, psychological health, environment, creativity, spirituality, human relations, work, money and listening to your inner "little voice". If one of these rocks were to become unbalanced, the fragility of health is affected! When all the rocks of health are in place, it is easier to live love, gratitude, pleasure and give to the neighbor!»

Merit Awards and Scholarships

  • Université de Montréal *** mention of excellence for doctoral thesis ***

  • Canadian Forces Coach of the Year for the 2018 season.

  • Several research grants: In triathlon, on ischemic pre-conditioning in cardiac insufficiency patients with ischemic cardiomyopathy,etc.

  • Coach of the Year, Champion Award of the QC Club Cup (TRIFORT) by the ‘’Fédération sportive de triathlon du Québec’’ and Chambly Triathlon Video Competition Award in 2015

Coverage of sporting events

  • Physical preparation for Canadian astronauts David Saint-Jacques and Jeremy Hansen (ongoing).

  • Head coach of the Canadian Forces CISM long-distance triathlon team. We won the Ironman Distance World Championships two years in a row for the military category.

  • Head coach of the Montérégie delegation at the 2016 Jeux du Québec. We won first place as a team.

  • Founding president and head coach of the TRIFORT triathlon club of Chambly (2011-2017). The club won the Club of the Year award in 2013 and has often been nominated.

  • Team director for the Saint-Lambert triathlon club (2009-2010).

  • Founder and organizer of the Chambly Triathlon (2014-2016).

  • Organizer of the family KM of Chambly and the race of the deputy of Chambly.

Sports practiced / Leisure

François has 15 years of participation as a high-level amateur athlete in endurance sport (triathlon; winter triathlon; ultra-trail; adventure raid; cross-country skiing).

More than 150 competitions, including 3 Ironman; 3rd place at the Winter Masters Games in winter triathlon 2015; Canadian team age-group Olympic triathlon in 2015; winner of the Quebec Cup in sprint triathlon among 25-29 age group in 2013; winner of the triple sport series among 25-29 age group in 2011.

Currently a fan of CrossFit, climbing (rock and ice), mountain hiking and yoga.


Scientific articles published by François Lalonde