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Pauline Bernard-Peyre- Osteopath


  • Diploma in osteopathy from the ‘’Conservatoire Supérieur d'ostéopathie de Toulouse’’ in France a 5-year full-time program.
  • Diploma of Emergency Service and Assistance to People (first responder) 2021
  • National Aquatic Rescue Safety Certificate (BNSSA) (National Continental and Oceanic Beach Lifeguard) 2019

Pauline in a nutshell...

Pauline obtained her osteopathy diploma from the ‘’Conservatoire Supérieur d'ostéopathie de Toulouse’’ in France, a 5-year full-time program. She treats all types of clientele and is particularly interested in active and athletic people. (prevention, performance, injuries). Having been able to follow high-level athletes during her training (swimmers, rugby players, trail runners, footballer ...) she developed an interest in this clientele. Her qualifications have also allowed him to learn how to manage emergencies well.

Passionate about taking care of the person and sports, Pauline was able to develop her skills and efficiency during her training in osteopathy for general conditions and for the follow-up of high-level athletes. The prevention of the onset of pain and follow-up to increase performance are important aspects of her practice.

Through her training, Pauline takes care of a client with an global approach to search for causes and individualize the osteopathic treatment.

Working in pediatrics, with adults and seniors, Pauline was also able to develop her emergency management skills through her training as a first responder and firefighter.

My priority is to accompany my clients in order to relieve pain, help sports performance and locomotion on a daily basis, help function at work, all to improve quality of life.

Plan for the coming years

Pauline is curious and loves to learn, she would like to develop her expertise for perinatality, chronic pain treatment, athletes, runner and lower limb injuries (including hip, knee, ankle and foot).

Merit awards and scholarships

Very honorable mention for the final thesis entitled "Effectiveness measurement of comprehensive osteopathic management for the prevention of shoulder injuries in adolescent swimmers" (17/20)

List of events covers

Pauline gained her experience by participating in the following events:

  • Trail Qualifiers for Mont Blanc Trail Championship
  • Professional Rugby Team 2nd Division
  • Follow-up of swimming teams for 2 years.
  • Paediatric treatments at the ‘’Centre d'aide mère enfant’' in Toulouse
  • Treatments offered in the office workplace.
  • Experience also in judo, soccer, bodybuilding and indoor training

Sports practiced

She has been swimming for 20 years, including 4 years in lifesaving sport (national level 2) and she also practices bodybuilding and running personally or as part of the requirements to perform as a firefighter and as a lifeguard on the beaches.

Partner in your health and performances !