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Victor Rossard - Osteopath


  • Diploma in osteopathy, Osteopathic College of Bordeaux (2022 in Bordeaux)


    Final thesis on the contribution of osteopathic treatment on physical recovery in athletes (2022)

  • Bachelor of technical sciences of physical and sports activities specialized in physical preparation (2017 at the Paul Sabatier University of Toulouse, France)

  • Lifeguard and First respondent (2017)

Victor in a nutshell...

In search of a new personal and professional experience, Victor left his life in Bordeaux, France to travel to Canada. After recently arriving in Montreal, he discovered new ways of living, working, but especially a new healthcare system. Victor views working in Quebec as a dream and a development opportunity.

High level triathlete until 2017 and sea rescuer on the French west coast for 6 years, Victor perceives osteopathy as an essential key to his sports performance and well-being.

This very strong link with sport naturally led his to write his final thesis on "the interest of osteopathic treatments on the physical recovery of the athletes".

Victor's training and career path allow him to treat a variety of clientele, from infants to the elderly, and to pay particular attention to the care of athletes and the active population.

Dynamic, curious and attentive, Victor is passionate about sports. Osteopathy, with its approach and philosophy, pushes him to always deepen his knowledge regarding the functioning of the human body.

My life path naturally oriented me towards osteopathy as a patient at first. Indeed, maintaining health is one of the keys to sports performance, I found my balance and my health in this approach.

In addition, the functioning of the human body has always fascinated me. Pursuing osteopathy as a professional quickly became the obvious right choice for me.

Sports events coverage

During his studies in France, Victor had the chance to cover several national sporting events  such as triathlons, CrossFit, water rescue, and swim meets.

Plan for the coming years

Having graduated in osteopathy in 2022, Victor's goal for the next years is to continue to learn, deepen his knowledge, his practice and grow with qualified professionals, he wishes to share, learn and listen.

Victor  would also like to broaden his knowledge in the field of sports, pediatrics and peri natality.

Sports and leisure activities

Athlete and passionate about sports, Victor was a high-level triathlete until 2017 in France and took the start of a European Cup. He then began practicing CrossFit while continuing to participate in races such as Swim & Runs, triathlons and half marathons.