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Amelia Boaks - Physiotherapist

Qualifications in physiotherapy

  • Masters’ degree in Physiotherapy from McGill University (2017)

  • Manual orthopedic therapy Level 1 and 2 (upper limbs)

  • First sports responder

  • Certification in Pelvi-Perineal Reeducation 1 (RP1)

  • CrossFit Niveau 2 (CF-L2) (2016)

  • Master's degree in Anatomy and Forensic Anthropology from Boston University (2012)

Amelia in a nutshell...

Amelia joined the STADIUM team after completing her master's degree from McGill University in physiotherapy in 2017.  She has a particular interest in musculoskeletal disorders and sports trauma. She plans to improve her skills in manual therapy and to deepen her knowledge of myofascial approaches.

Amelia holds two master's degrees within the health field:

  • A first master's degree in anatomy and medical anthropology in 2012 from Boston University.

  • A second in physiotherapy in 2017 from McGill University.

She competed for several years in swimming and cycling, but during her studies in Boston, she developed a great interest for CrossFit and it prevailed over other disciplines. Shortly after graduation, in 2013, Amelia began coaching and competing in CrossFit. She ranked in the first 6% of women worldwide (85th percentile among more than 300,000 participants) at the CrossFit Open 2017.

As a coach, Amelia particularly enjoyed the individual contact with her clients,  to help them adopt healthy lifestyle habits and achieve their athletic performance goals. Her desire to better understand muscle imbalances, in order to prevent sports injuries, motivated her physiotherapy studies at McGill University.

Amelia is still coaching in Montreal and she plans to join the 100 or so people with a Level 4 CrossFit and have the privilege to bear the title of CrossFit Coach.

She enjoys working with active people and athletes in all categories, whether in a gymnasium, on the field or at the clinic.

My goal is to help people become the best version of themselves

Coverage of sporting events

CrossFit East Regionals, Albany, NY (2017)

Sports practiced / Leisure

In addition to her 4 or 5 workouts a week at the gym, Amelia continues to practice outdoor activities such as cycling, swimming, and running. She also loves to travel, photography and cook and bake (she was also a pastry chef).