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Cycling or biking: A few tips to help prevent knee injuries.

July 17, 2019     Tips
post_content); ?> Did you know that the knee is the part of the body where there are the most overuse injuries among cyclists, both recreational and professional? Several risk factors may be the cause, such as poor equipment adjustment (including saddle height), poor body posture on the bike (particularly the alignment between the hip, knee and ankle),[…]


You want to get back into shape? Running is a good idea!

July 17, 2019     Tips
post_content); ?> You want to get back into shape but you’re not sure how or where to start. Running could be the answer: Here are a few tips to help you succeed and feel good about yourself. First, consult a physician or sports specialist before starting a running program. A biomechanical analysis with a physiotherapist or as[…]