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Athletic therapy


Athletic Therapy

Athletic therapy is a profession offering services in prevention, emergency care and rehabilitation of sports related injuries or musculoskeletal injuries to an active population.

Professionals practicing in athletic therapy are called "Certified Athletic Therapists".  This title is awarded only to members of the Quebec Corporation of Athletic Therapists (CTSQ). They are graduates from a science degree and have successfully completed national exams.

Athletic therapists are recognized for their ability to intervene in emergency situations on the field but also to assess and treat athletes and active people with limitations in the practice of their sport.

If you have suffered a muscular or articular injury, a sprains, a fracture or have a chronic pain that restricts you in your daily activities or in the practice of your favorite sport, our athletic therapists will be able to help you regain those abilities. If you want to improve your performance and prevent injuries, they can also accompany you in your conditioning and strengthening.

Services offered by Athletic Therapists:

  • Emergency care and first responders on the field
  • Team and event coverage during tournaments or for the full seasons
  • Assessment and development of a treatment plan
  • Rehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions in an active population for a rapid return to activity
  • Cerebral concussion management
  • The use of therapeutic modalities: muscle stimulators, ultrasound, analgesic modalities, iontophoresis...
  • Wound care
  • Reconditioning following an injury or to improve performance