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LYME’S DISEASE PANDEMIC (cours en anglais)

30 septembre 2018     Heure : 08h à 16h    Lieu : Clinique Stadium Physiostéo; 4553, rue Pierre-de-Coubertin, Montréal   
Enseignant : Anne Hartley     Catégorie(s) :    

Cette formation est annulée.

This is a one day evidence-based lecture and group participation workshop on the approaching pandemic of Lyme disease. It will include the signs and symptoms and treatment for both acute and chronic Lyme disease. The lecture will discuss the ticks that carry the disease and how to prevent being bitten. The spread of the tick population inCanada and the world will be reviewed. How to deal with a patient that has been just bitten and those that were bitten in the past. The chronic symptoms mimic other conditions that we see as a therapist including joint swelling, neural conditions, cardiitis, bells palsy, muscle pain and more. Case studies of this disease from my clinical practice will be discussed.

Anne Hartley is a Professor Emeritus at Sheridan College, Ontario, an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner,
Certified Athletic Therapist, Hall of Fame member of the Canadian Athletic Therapist Association, author and publisher, business owner, workshop lecturer on Manual Therapy and Athletic Therapy and has over 40 years of experience in teaching.

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