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Renée Spencer Junge, Certified Athletic Therapist and osteopath in the FISU Games

1 August 2019     Author: Anaëlle Beaulieu     Categorie(s): Team

Renée Spencer Junge, Certified Athletic Therapist and osteopath at the Saint-Lambert Clinic just returns from Naples, Italy where she worked with the FISU women’s water polo team.

The team participated in the FISU Games of the International Federation of University Sport in early July and finished 4th.
The Summer Universiade is an international university sports and culture event that takes place every second year in a different city. These games attract several thousand student-athletes to compete, making it the second largest multi-sport event after the Olympic Games. Embracing FISU’s motto “Today’s Stars, Tomorrow’s Leaders,” the Summer Universiade incorporates educational and cultural aspects, encouraging student-athletes around the world to combine high athletic performance with their intellectual activities.

Well done Renée, for being chosen for this trip.