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What is integrative rehabilitation?

Physical rehabilitation practiced at STADIUM PhysiOsteo is based on the new trends that influence the health community. They include a combination of factual practice (based on Western scientific evidence) and complementary interventions that respect the multidimensionality of the person. This combination of practice based on science (evidence-based) and experience (experience-based) characterizes a comprehensive intervention of care that promotes the optimal health, well-being and healing process of the person, while respecting his values.

The main focus of this approach is the person (patient) as a whole. All its different developmental spheres (physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic, community and social) are interconnected and can affect each other. For example, a person's thoughts and emotions can influence their neurological, hormonal and immune functions and therefore, have an impact on his/her recovery and pain experience. The integrative therapist, by listening attentively and encouraging the patient to share his beliefs and personal experience about his/her condition, will be able to establish a clear therapeutic contract that will promote optimal recovery and prevention.

The professional, at the forefront of the best practices in his field, will not hesitate to suggest or support another approach in addition to his/her initial treatment plan. He/she will propose the simplest and most natural possible solutions to support, relieve and initiate the body's innate healing response. With this in mind, the different facets of the patient lifestyle will be explored, including diet, physical activity, stress management and sleep. If necessary, an interdisciplinary collaboration will be offered in order to offer the best possible treatment, with the right professional, at the right time.

This vision of integrative health, now well established in medical schools throughout the United States and 5 faculties in Canada( as well as in research, is the basis of our intervention at the STADIUM PhysiOsteo clinics. All our professionals are engaged through their collaborative efforts and constant desire to offer a humanistic and factual practice as they participate daily to improve our innovative integrative model.  

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Integrative rehabilitation

*Staff members working at Stadium PhysiOsteo are encouraged to explore their own health balance in order to become better stakeholders.