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Physiotherapy is a professional activity which includes the diagnosis of functional systems, restoring and maintaining mobility and maximal function of the body and reducing pain.
The physiotherapist is a university graduate member of the OPPQ (Ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec).

Physiotherapists at the clinic STADIUM have developed an advanced practice:

  • Rehabilitation of neuro-musculoskeletal (including sports injuries and spinal cord);

  • Manual therapy (FCAMT);

  • Postural and respiratory rehabilitation;

  • Sports physiotherapy;

  • Functional rehabilitation;

  • Biomechanical analysis of athletes;

  • Treatments using modalities and cutting edge technology (laser therapy, ultrasound combined, muscle stimulation, microcurrent, direct and alternating current);

  • The use of needles under the dermis;

  • Sports Taping;

  • "McConnell" taping;

  • "Proprioceptive taping";

  • McKenzie approach for the treatment of herniated discs

  • Personnalized exercice programs and active education.

This expertise allows us to provide the highest quality care for a complete and prompt rehabilitation  allowing you to reach your full potential. We treat many different pathologies. Our expertise allows us to primarily direct you   to the right professional promply in order to insure a quick and efficient recovery. These professionals are available on site or in our external network of affiliated professionals.

Some conditions treated at our clinic include:

  • Disc hernia;

  • Sacroiliac and vertebral dysfunction;

  • Joint stiffness;

  • Neck and lower back pain;

  • Sciatica, neck brachialgia, radiculopathy;

  • Tendonitis, bursitis, capsulitis and inflammatory condition of the soft tissues;

  • Ligament Sprains (knee, ankle, shoulder ...), lumbar, cervical;

  • Post-operative trauma;

  • Total hip and knee replacements;

  • Sports Injuries;

  • Headaches, migraines, TMJ;

  • Ruptured tendons, calcification, tears;

  • Dislocation, subluxations;

  • Treatment post fracture, simple or multiple.

The STADIUM PhysiOsteo clinics employ more than twelve physiotherapists that provide a wide variety of expertise.

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