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Post-operative and post-immobilization rehabilitation

Reeducation post-operatoire Stadium PhysiOsteo Montreal & Rive sud

As a result of a surgery or immobilization, the body suffers a loss of strength, endurance and agility. Affected joints can stiffen and pain can restrict movement and activities. Rehabilitation in a clinic or professional adviceon what to do and not to do at home can reduce your healing time.

Here are some conditions that could benefit from the advice of our professionals:

  • Post-immobilization of fracture, with or without surgery

  • Reconstructions of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), posterior cruciate (PCL) of the knee; rotator cuff or dislocation of the shoulder

  • Surgery of joints; hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, foot, etc.

  • Spinal or vertebral surgery of the neck or lumbar area

  • Total knee replacement (arthroplasty TKA), hip (THA), shoulder (TSA) or partial prosthesis

  • Following a capsulitis of the shoulder, with or without cortisone injection or distensive arthrography

  • And several other conditions.

Your professional will make a specific and comprehensive functional assessment, answer your questions, teach you some exercises and propose a treatment plan to be done at home or in a clinical setting (your choice).  A few treatments may be enough to reduce your pain and improve your function. Many of our professionals can help you (physiotherapists, osteopaths, athletic therapists, acupuncturists). If you're not sure who to consult, a first appointment with one of our physiotherapists can shed some light on who will be the best professional to treat your condition.