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Marianne Siino - Physiotherapist


  • Bachelor's and Master's degree continuum at the Université de Sherbrooke (2018-2022)
  • Certificate in pelvic and perineal rehabilitation on urinary incontinence: University of Sherbrooke
  • Training on pelvic pain management in women, Uro-Santé
  • Sports First Responder
  • Manual therapy level 1

Marianne in a nutshell...

Marianne is passionate about sports and is interested in orthopedics, manual therapy and perineal rehabilitation. She treats children, adults and seniors.

Marianne has an interest in sports medicine as well as everything related to physical activity. With over 13 years of experience as a swimmer, she was exposed to physiotherapy early on through various injuries that later led her to study in the field. In addition to swimming, Marianne taught it for several years as a swimming instructor as well as an aquafitness instructor.

Marianne stands out for the variety of her clientele ranging from toddlers (0-12 months) to older ones by also touching various conditions. She developed an interest in women's health care during her university years by completing her certification to treat urinary incontinence and continues to develop this scope of practice with training to treat pelvic pain.

Being still active, Marianne remains involved in the field of sport and in various sporting events. She was a therapist for an U18AAA hockey team.

Plan for the coming years

Eager to learn, Marianne will continue to deepen her knowledge of manual therapy and orthopedics to better treat young and seniors with problems of all kinds.

List of events covers

Therapist for the Riverains of Collège Charles Lemoyne U18AAA season 2022-2023

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