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Functional Movement Screening FMS (Gray Cook)

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What is the FMS?

FMS or Functional Movement Screening is a standardized test of 7 functional movements developed by the American physiotherapist Gray Cook.

What's the point?

The aim of the FMS is to identify asymmetries and imbalances in the mobility and dynamic stability of the body. This is possible thanks to the 7 precise movements of the FMS which make it possible to highlight weaknesses in the ankles, knees, hips, back and shoulders. The goal is to correct the body's weaknesses and asymmetries in order to optimize biomechanics in order to prevent injuries and optimize performance.

For who?

  • Athletes: from amateur to elite athlete or professional

  • The military

  • Some workers like firefighters

  • Sedentary people who want to get back in shape safely and avoid injuries

  • People wanting to resume physical activity after an injury.

The FMS is a tool used to detect weaknesses and asymmetries of the body and can be used to prevent injuries or optimize performance.

Depending on the interpretation of the test, a personalized exercise program targeting your weaknesses may be prescribed. This service is offered at the STADIUM clinic with many of our therapists.

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