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David Apap, a physiotherapist with expertise in alpine skiing, joins the STADIUM team.

18 July 2019     Author: Stadium PhysiOsteo     Categorie(s): Team

The STADIUM team welcomes a new physiotherapist, David Apap at both clinics, Montreal and Saint-Lambert. David holds a master’s degree in physiotherapy from McGill University in 2015. He is certified in neuromuscular rehabilitation, manual therapy and yoga. David is a former professional skier on the European circuit as well as the Quebec’s University circuit. From […]



You want to get back into shape? Running is a good idea!

17 July 2019     Author: Stadium PhysiOsteo     Categorie(s): Tips

You want to get back into shape but you’re not sure how or where to start. Running could be the answer: Here are a few tips to help you succeed and feel good about yourself. First, consult a physician or sports specialist before starting a running program. A biomechanical analysis with a physiotherapist or as […]


OPPQ’s Carol-L.-Richards Award awarded to Raymonde Fortin, physiotherapist

25 June 2019     Author: Stadium PhysiOsteo     Categorie(s): Team

Raymonde Fortin, physiotherapist and athletic therapist at the STADIUM PhysiOsteo clinics in Montreal and Saint-Lambert, recognized for her implication in physiotherapy. We are pleased and immensely proud to announce that Raymonde Fortin, physiotherapist, athletic therapist and co-owner of the Stadium Clinics, will be awarded the Carol-L.-Richards 2019 prize, by the OPPQ (Professional Order of Physiotherapy […]